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I'm an entrepreneur. I ran my first company Western Plastic Products (we made name badges) in 1992 and sold it to my cousin a year later when I co-founded LINK-VTC. LINK-VTC was a video conferencing services business that was sold in 1995 to Frontier Communications. In 1997 I co-founded Raindance Communication. Raindance provided audio and web conferencing services. We took it public in 2000 and it eventually grew into a profitable company with over $70M in revenue. I resigned as CEO in late 2003 after my family and I were in a car accident; I stayed on the board until the middle of 2005. Raindance sold to West Corp in 2006. In 2005 I co-founded Market Force Information. Market Force provides market research on customer experiences in retail stores. 2007 I co-founded a company that made the Zenie bottle. It didn't go well and we shut it down about a year later - I've written about that failure on this blog. In 2009 I joined a solar panel company called Zettasun - we had some great technology but the market wasn't friendly to new clean-tech startups and we shut it down in early 2010.

In September, 2010 I joined as CEO of Orbotix and the story of Sphero is still unfolding.