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July 09, 2007


Peter Cranstone

Nothing really.

Music is personal. She wants to listen to it on her station, not dads.

gwin scott

paul....a bit of a random post, but your name has surfaced over the yrs a few times and i just wanted to send over a note of introduction. i used to work for ibeam from '00-'04 and if i recall you might know mike himelstein/nils lahr some of the technology brains behind that launch. believe there was some crossover timewise with vstream. i spent 10 yrs bf that with turner broadcasting/time warner and am now with emergememphis, a biz/tech accelerator comprised of 27 companies. im intrigued with all that you have gotten involved with both from an investment and operational standpoint and am wkg to replicate that too!!
anyway, hope to connect up sometime, as ill continue to do the same with you periodically on your blog....thx gwin scott


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