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April 07, 2008


David Cohen

awesome post. i've had a simliar experience, and there is something to be said for getting out gracefully when it's clear that it's time. bravo for writing about this.

Erin Kabbash

Not an easy thing to do and I think there is much to be learned from your words. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

Heather Duey

Thanks for taking the time to write this up! We are considering pulling the plug on our most recent attempt at being entrepreneurs and this will help us decide. It's never easy to "quit" at something you've worked so hard at, but we certainly learned a ton along the way, and sometimes that's the best you can hope for. Good luck on your next endeavour!

Christopher Hastings

Great post.

I like the insights and appreciate the 'File New' at the end.

Cowboy up.

Herb Morreale

I respect you for having the courage to publicly share your thoughts and feelings about a business not working out as you hoped. Not enough entrepreneurs are willing to say "hey, it just didn't work out." There was no finger pointing, no excuses. Thanks for setting a good example.

Erich Toll

Dear Paul,

Your post is brave and honest and shows a lot of character. And I’m sorry that Zenie didn’t fulfill “your wish is my command.”

I was curious to see if the concept would fly, but had unwavering faith as you seem to have a midas touch - even when a business needs to change course with a quickness. If I recall, the “groovy swirling liquids in the bottle” was something you invented as a kid, and everyone deserves to try a business that will be fun.

Upwards and onwards.

Wendy Lea

Dear Paul,

Thanks for 'going public' with your thoughts. They are valuable for you and certainly for others that are noodling the next new thing. As an investor and BOD member for Zuzingo, my view of why we didn't take off as quickly as expected and required (based on existing cash flow) was tied to 1. the focus on the bottle and the operational complexity of its design, development and delivery, rather than the entire experience 2. not being able to launch for the holidays 3. lack of understanding of ultimate consumer of bottle/site 4. limited marketing expertise for this type of capability. But hindsight is always easy!

Thanks for giving me a chance to learn with you and Steve. I respect you both for taking a quick decision. In other markets, perhaps the tango blue/decision moment was premature, but in the SN/Mash Up space, you did the right thing, unless you were planning to fund the company personally :).

I remain one of your biggest fans and have confidence that the next venture you engage with will meet/exceed all your wildest expectations!

Have fun on the journey to discover it!

Wendy Lea

Two Down

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I deal in products and you just never know without going through the expenses of big time focus groups, and even then?

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